The best way to start with a small space

If you have a smaller space it does not mean that you can not achieve an extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable space it is true of designing smaller spaces it is all about visual manipulation and we have to be very clever to take the average profit in this article I would like to share with you tips and ideas to deceive you thoughts to perceive a small space as a bigger space.
Hi, welcome back to my designer architect Sarah Khouri and the inventor of the interior designer if you want it new here don’t forget to subscribe to join our design community and to turn on the notifications too so you don’t miss the next article is you ready, let’s get started. The best way to start with a small space is with your wall color using especially wide color light and the puzzles in the small space is a very popular choice there because our room with bright colors feels bigger and brighter. Because the surface can reflect more light makes the wall appear to recede creating a light field.

The Best Way to Start with A Small Space Best Of 15 Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms Paint Tips for Small
Contrasting colors tend to break up space so that it appears smaller than arias who use the same color family is another great way of not seeing the boundaries and space seems to continue. Furniture that matches the color of the wall is less jarring and tends to blend into the space given the illusion of greater space if you want to learn more about the color see my article about it here in the small space we have to hold on to simple and lightweight objects to avoid too crowded space of information let’s see some tips at that time choose furniture for a small space select furniture with feet because it tastes less heavy in the space that pieces from sitting directly in Floor because the long-legged furniture does not obstruct the floor view.

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Your brain will feel the actual dimension of space. Another great idea is to choose the furniture that you can see through the fabric tables and bookshelves with no side shelves and acrylic chairs can feel as if they are taking up less of the fact space that they do not obstruct your line of sight allowing you to take the whole room without having to look around or offer something if you use transparent eye objects you will see more space and fool your mind to
Another good Tip and a must-have in the smaller space is to choose the furniture that caters to various purposes this way you can tailor your space to many situations depending on the activity of thinking about buying table coffee or Ottoman with storage the hidden Ottoman that served as a coffee table and subsequently designed the smallest space was about cheating the eye to believe that space is much larger let’s take a look at some very easy recommendations to put in the room but they can Make a big difference while many patterns can make the room visible is mother there is one exception on the strip rules in fact strips make the room look bigger so that if you decorate a small room that is caught for a striped curtain or Rock to maximize the visual space and to accentuate the perspective and depth of the room. We use mirrors to give the illusion of expansion placing mirrors near the window to reflect outside is a very effective mirror on the wall and glass table surfaces will make your room feel more open neat and orderly nothing that makes the smaller room feel smaller than having too many items hidden, smart storage is the best friend of your little space keeping the floor as clear as possible this is one of the most important ways to keep a sense of spaceship [music] Rocks Parent and furniture can also be made a space noticeably smaller if you want to make the room feel large and more visually cohesive and stick to a single accent per room go for cloth and stone in a small mold or plain color to maintain the proportions between elements and to avoid chaos in the buddy room if you want to support this channel, do not forget to click like and subscribe to join our design community thanks for watching having a beautiful next week See you.

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