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Nothing existed without the texture of light colors and geometry was born to our eyes when light met material at the time when the miracle of lighting that occurred lighting was everything to interior design it played a big role in how you looked at and experienced space because it radically affects the appearance of our geometry and mood and emotions as a good lighting plan depends on the characteristics of the light source and how we distribute it in this space so that in this article I want to share it To you the basic principle of lighting design.
I will give you some tips and concept ideas on how to put any space like a professional person, welcome back to my channel I apologize architect and lighting designer Cody If you are new here and you love design do not forget to subscribe to join our community and to turn on the notification well so you do not miss the next article as always friends have a question after reading this article do not forget to let me know in the comments below This lets start the basic principle of lighting design begins with understanding the lighting characteristics.

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The source of each light bulb or lighting factor has a condition that may or may not be good for our space let me explain the three characteristics of the light source you need to dominate before choosing the bolts for lighting factor for your room color temperature used as method to describe the warmth or coolness of the light source spectrum color temperature measured in Kelvin degrees these values are used to describe the color emitted from the lighting source let’s see a graph that explains the color with excellent scale Temperature.
As humans we feel the color temperature in a different way so that each one will be adequate for a variety of applications and warm light activities create an inviting atmosphere that is comfortable and quiet for use bedroom family room living room dining room for any room who need private and intimate wood [music] white neutral and soft is the best friendly and clean light for the kitchen and bathroom or any kind of workspace [music] [music] collides enough for a hospital or commercial office Other uses of VIN sheep angle is the angle that the light is distributed or one minute if you want to highlight a Thresher object then the place angle could be the right choice on the other side of the white angle gives a more general and softer light it’s the perfect choice to illuminate a large area within.

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Simple term lumens is a measure of the total amount of visible light to the human eye from a lamp or light source, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the talent will appear so first to choose the ball to take into account the dimensions and activities that you will develop in this case the space is true that there is another concept about the lighting design because that I wanted to let you know that I left the link in the Description box below with a guy and more detailed information on how to fly space You as a professional now that you have learned the basics to choose the perfect lighting source let’s see how we can use different types of lighting sources to design a room lighting plan like a pro first of all we need to understand that good lighting design is all about the layers we need to blend different lighting sources into this space.
To make the elements of the weight accent contrast color and texture let’s see how the coating works ambient lighting a basic layer of light in every room of YOUR main lighting in the entirety of the lighting room that lets you see and move clearly throughout the music room the world] ambient lighting is intended to create a common lighting level and uniform it’s first layer of writing and set the tone of the space is normally ambient soft and diffuse lighting you can incorporate interior lighting ambient space via montant fill-in or image Hidden but red lights LED strip wall lamps and floor strips that wash the walls and ceilings with light or with pendants reflecting the light of the ceiling and walls as lighting that want to highlight a specific object or area to draw attention to the image.

such as furniture artwork or architectural details turn it into the focal point of the accent light responsible for adding contrast to style and drama to space so if you feel that your room might be missing something major it might be the lighting accent this lighting layer is used to highlight the design of your space element to make the shadow clearer which will add depth to each object and the overall view of the lamp accents are usually three times as bright as the Ambu lamp processes spotlight ceiling track lights or wall-mounted lamps are very effective in the living room or common area.

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Because they can be skewed and directed to create highlights like the name of the lighting task is the light to a specific task of activity such as reading a meal writing or preparing a meal that is the focus of a particular area where the task is done and it is brighter than ambient lighting task lighting will be the most functional coating of your lighting plan including a hidden quick lighting display and tracing pendant lighting , a good lighting plan provides functional lighting but it is also an excellent element to use to reinforce the desired design style rooms at the time of choosing lighting factors you don’t forget to choose the perfect one that complements the interior design style you are looking to remember that a good interior design combines functionality and my static lighting design is my passion when I am a student of architecture I fall in love with how lighting has the power to change the space and for you make us Feel in a variety of ways depending on the lighting conditions because that I decided to take my Master degree in lighting design so if you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

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