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Do you know a nice and clever design in a small space can fool your mind into thinking that the space is bigger than what it really is? The design can really change any space, in this article I will share with you ten ideas, tips and tricks to design a small bedroom, so if you have a small bedroom or you design it now, this article is perfect for you!
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Color is one of the most important elements in any room for a small bedroom using light colors on the walls, floors and in your furniture. It’s been a common fact that bright colors make the room look bigger and brighter. The room with bright colors feels bigger and brighter because the walls are more reflective, making the space feel open and airy, which helps maximize the effect created by natural light. Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light, making the room look smaller. Using bright colors will make your walls appear receding creating a bright feel.
The favorite color for the small bedroom is white, light gray, neutral and cold colors like blue or green but with a very light tone to make your room fresh, brighter and calming. If you have any doubts about how to choose the color of paint for your space click the card here to find out more about color theory and how to combine colors depending on your space and needs. Enlarge your space with mirror mirrors expands the small bedroom by creating the illusion of a larger space. Positioning the mirror to bounce the window light is also the only way to increase natural light in your space.
There are several ways to put a mirror in your room, for example: Find a mirror along the body and slide it over the wall you can cover the entire wall with a modular mirror, or cover the sliding doors of your closet or use a large one as the focal point above your bed. Also, combining some of the mirror furniture is a clever way to bounce light, don’t be afraid to play around with more than one mirror but make sure they don’t have it overloaded or detail frames. Remember that in a small space, a clean line is the best choice. Push your bed to the corners. Most bedroom styles feature beds placed in the middle of a wall with a nightspot on each side. However, the floor plans are narrow and limited space often calls for this deviation. To maximize the floor space and have a convenient way to circulate or just to place other furniture into your bedroom, such as a table, dressing table or dressing table, slip in the corner to have only one circulation area, not two to arrive to your bed and save as much space as possible to use for furniture and other activities.

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Be creative with your nightstand if you want to maximize every inch and become very stylish, a wall-mounted solution is the best way to keep your night’s important needs without using any floor space. Clean, contemporary, inexpensive, and very, very easy to install. This rapture acts as an eye trick by freeing up the visual space and making the room feel bigger, and it also makes the floor space open for more storage. Also if you have a nightbe for both sides you can break the symmetry with two different styles of shape and have a night table with different storage or use. Since you always ask for it, keep in mind that I always leave the link below in the Description box with furniture I mentioned in this article in this way you can be inspired to join something similar to your space.
Use your wall, use vertical space. The space is three dimensional, we have more than the floor, so do not forget that you have vertical space that you want to include some parts such as a bookshelf, which is mounted on a wall table or storage.
Make use of your wall space: Turn on the empty walls and give aim to the underutilized area remember that vertical storage gives the illusion of wider space. In the small bedroom make your wall work all the time. Hidden storage to set a small bedroom setting, storage is the key. Be creative. Use the Under-bed storage to store clothes outside of the special shelf-season hidden on your wall to store items such as shoes and books or mirrors with hidden storage for your jewels. Also use the Ottoman with hidden storage at the foot of the bed and get an extra seat. Multifunctional and lightweight furniture in a small bedroom, a multifunctional and intelligent piece is very important to maximize every inch.
Look for some uses in your furniture pieces for example using the Ottoman as your dressing table seat but with hidden storage and it will serve as the same part when you need a footrest. Also there are many multifunctional bed options on the market, which, at the same time, will serve as storage. If your bedroom is too small, you can use a sofa bed. This way, you have a lot more flexibility to play with your space depending on your needs. Remember that in a small space everything should be functional. Another recommendation about combining furniture in your room is to use a transparent piece made by acrylic or glass, perhaps this transparent part can be a chair that you will use for your workstation desk or for your vanity table or desk or shelf, this way you will cheat your eyes and your brain to think that the space is bigger than that what exactly is because transparent furniture requires no heavy visual. I know that I always share these recommendations in all my articles about a small space but that’s because it’s very useful and easy to combine it in any room, remember it’s designing a small space is about visual manipulation and with transparent objects you can fool your mind like the best.

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High curtain as I said earlier that Furniture extending to the ceiling can visually open the space and give the illusion of a wider space well, we can achieve the same visual effect with the curtains that are mounted high. Emphasizes high windows with high curtains. Curtains make the room look wider when you attach a curtain rod close to the ceiling instead of in the window frame. The curtain along the floor attracts the eye upwards along the entire curtain, creating an illusion of height. So at the time of combining your curtains as a functional element you should use it as a visual effect to fool your mind and make your bedroom feel bigger and roomy. Lighting has the biggest impact on interior design.
In the bedroom, I always advise having a different layer of lighting settings what it means? Well that means you should have ambient or general lighting that combined the task of a light source like a desk lamp for your table or a wall light to read in your bed but in a small space you have to be smart at the time of inserting your lighting pieces. For ambient light, use ceiling-mounted lights or architectural lighting mimicking the LED strips on your ceiling walls or furniture to determine the volume and to provide the necessary ambient lighting. As I said, make your walls and ceilings work for a source of task illumination instead of using a desk lamp on your desk, you can have a chandelier with a simple design or a wall lamp to take up zero space on your bedside this way you will have more room benefits for you and your furniture.
Pattern Wallpaper is the best friend of the little space because they add a big personality without breaking the limits on valuable square footage. Just because your room is small, doesn’t mean it should be boring. Add a thick wallpaper pattern to the focus wall, like your headboard wall.
The wallpaper can also make the room feel smaller, so it is important that the pattern is executed in the right way so, when choosing a wallpaper, choose a large scale pattern with a small and busy organic and soft shape. Keep in mind that a bright and soothing color palette is the best choice for any small, special room. Don’t forget to create a cohesive look by coordinating your bed or pillow or some accessory with your new wallpaper. You guys remember! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below if you liked this article.

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