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There are many common mistakes that many people may experience when designing interiors in this article I will share with you the seven most common mistakes in my interior design will give you tips and information as well as how to avoid them and immediately fix Hai welcome back to my channel I apologize acute the architect and designer interior designer top if it’s your first time here , welcome to our design community. I am very glad to have you here, I would like to invite you to subscribe and join our community on notice so well that you do not miss our next article, the people you know that I am glad to know more about you,

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So let me know in the comments below these errors that you have ever had or that you have at home at the moment, no matter which one or how many they remember that we all made an important mistake is to fix. Let’s start people tend to hang art closer to the ceiling than it should be a job we have to hang around the eyes to appreciate in the natural way the artwork retains the visual order of the art words by following the diagram and the basic rule is the best way to make sure there are no mistakes and the nasty holes to be felt are to trace and cut the frame skeleton of the paper just paste In a variety of placement options until you have the desired result corn and curtains can make or break the house what common mistakes people do when it comes to the window care accent High wait windows with high coordinates Corden make the room look more spacious when you climb the cording Road near the ceiling instead of the window frame draw a long coordinate eye floor to the top along the appropriate length creates high illusion and
Make sure the stem is wide enough so that when the coordinates open the section within the edges simply cover the company window but notice the glass for an elegant display the coordinates panel should be wide enough even when closed there is a fullness for them to achieve that the panel width looks full and elegant, curtain width should be three times wider than my friend’s window have a special gift for all of you in the description box below and leave a link where men and checklists this way you can improve The mistake at home in an easier way do not forget to download it because I prepared a lot of love for all of you.

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Because stone is very important to create your furniture boundaries and space that determines you have to make sure your carpet is the appropriate size you have to invest in the right to your space to find the right size carpet you should consider the size and the distance of furniture in the room was important to make sure that all the furniture fit on the rock or at least the front foot all sitting in the room let’s see some layout and sunset and Don about how to pick a stone Size and placement of all the details included in the interior design of other common mistakes per part and order in a space has a visible cable that penetrates the wall and other surfaces, it is important to hide these cables and cables, in particular, the TV lights or other electrical features, if you can hide them cable TV inside the wall, choose to use our hider cores. It is very easy to install and you will have better appearance direct error number 5 has one light source as I said in almost all my articles lighting is the key to interior design and that is the aspect that people often forget has one light source in each room allows you to see in the dark but not successful your opinion or any help only one light source alone is not enough because it does not help create a contrasting depth or a specified shape And make a pop color fix this error by adding various lighting sources in this space that you need to have a layer lighting source such as ambient lighting for the overall illumination through the wall table and chandelier or ceiling lamp accent light to highlight specific objects or areas and to draw attention to features through three ceiling lights where sixth truck lights or wall mount lights Add task lighting to tasks or specific activities such as freedom of writing or eating a good lighting plan.

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For home decor Interiors will incorporate all three sources and at different heights if you want to learn more about the lighting design and make real changes in the House my article about it here error number six is not measuring space before throwing furniture and decorating elements that do not plan the use of space is a common interior design mistakes that people do not rely on your eyes to measure previous space buy furniture or decorative accents measuring all dimensions mapping your space To avoid density under furniture.
Think about the room for circulation you need measuring the available height taking your wall measurements to select the word R in the scale and proportion of areas and so on in error number seven designing your home without considering the style and needs one of the biggest mistakes when designing space is people do not stop to think and ask yourself what they really want and need instead of following the trend and use the idea of copying , ask yourself first what you admire the room and what you like about the inspiration it is it’s a color texture material lighting type of furniture once you have personal preference then you can start your own interior decorating house with confidently remember that a good design is not just about the beauty you have to stay in your space and identify how your family used it before remodel you because it is a great way to learn the details you want to Included in the design plan you remember that I left the link in the box description below with a checklist and a man to correct those mistakes Fatiha guys if you want daily inspiration and to relate follow me on Instagram also if you like this article, please do not forget to click Like I subscribed to join our design community Thank you read and stay safe have a beautiful week see you in next time.

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