27 unique ideas to maximize your small one-room magnetic knife rack

Even if you have a small space as your home shouldn’t stop you from making it beautiful and relaxing as you want don’t forget there are many possibilities you can work on including the perfect innovative furniture for a small room survivor come across DIY Johnson and here there are 27 unique ideas to maximize your small one-room magnetic knife rack using a magnetic knife rack to store all your knives and prevent you or anyone from getting scratches or Unwanted wounds.
A magnetic shelf can definitely be a huge space saver for their small kitchens easy to install and can be easily purchased online to shelves on top of the door in one good way add storage in a small bathroom you are having a shelf right over the door you remember placing a support board on your wall that will act as the Shelf part can rest on a pretty straightforward idea and is one of the most practical space saving designs that Durable and adjustable shelves are a unique way to keep the house tidy and messy three on the sink shelf in a small house why not maximize all the space including the little one on top of your sink. Shelves on top of the sink can give you more room to store things you don’t even need to buy shelves from used wooden board shop can do this trick a great way to recycle and at the same time save space in your home for folding tables maximizing the space in your home by looking for folding furniture.

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Folding tables can be a very useful addition in a small house it is important you measure first area where you plan to place a folding table though
5. Under the shoe organizer of the bed you can save space under your bed by placing the storage compartment there it is one of the most practical storage solutions there for the small bedroom add the caster at the bottom of the organizer so you can get it out easily under the bed. If you like you can also get more stylish storage as it is as a rattan box with modern talent
6. Pegboard Shelf is a pegboard very useful for small space because it gives you the freedom to adjust available storage space that you may have. If you will do it yourself remember put some wood glue on the pieces before you finish putting up the shelves with a nail gun
7. Towel racks for small bathroom storage ideas do not have a hard to do a very basic towel rack but lean is always useful doing your own one should be quite easy either using grinders or iron saws to stem
8. Storage rack jars, why not recycle any used jars you may have to make storage rack jars is a simple, inexpensive and unique way to hold anything that may not need a mess of nut pens and bolts to spice the kitchen
9. Storage Bench Save the mess in your house and put it in a place away from your view using good storage and practical bench remember put a piece of wood just under the shelf halfway in that way you can help support the shelf top your bench Ten calendar planner Whiteboard get a chalkboard planner if you want to organize your stuff or anything in your kitchen a whiteboard calendar planner can help you monitor the food you have in the closet Ice or what items you should buy at the grocery store in that way your small kitchen will not be crowded since you do not store a lot of unnecessary stuff

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11. The organizer of the Cup you can also set your make up to save Cup space the organizer is one way to do so that they are also easy to make sure you mark the edges of the cup before drilling holes into the organizer’s Wood block by doing this you will prevent the glass from falling
12. Collapsible drying Rack A foldable drying rack will not occupy any floor space and can be quickly tucked away anytime you want to put parentheses in the corners to make more robust drying rack
13. Pantry Scrolling Even if you do not have a spare room that you can still there is room for all your kitchen needs by creating a revolving pantry that you can place right next to the refrigerator it is easy to set up so that this project will not cost you an arm and a leg while painting a wooden filler that can be painted first to fill all holes of wood and nails
14. Piece Jewelry box pieces art piece jewelry saves not only space but also works as artwork make sure you put the nails or screws safely because this is where you will hang the jewels
15. Wall Toys for your toys and children’s books, you may want to make the wall of the toy you can set the shelves on the wall so that you can sort the book stuffed animal dolls and building blocks sixteen mirrors on the wall you can create the illusion of having a larger room put up a mirror on the wall you put up the mirror on your wall it’s one of those creative ideas and most practical best for the little house it is actually very Great for how your room looks
17. The starry sky gives you and your family a new unique sight before bedtime by creating a do-it-yourself starry ceiling It is a great and fantastic idea for a small space use stencil as a guide to paint a number of stars on your ceiling and your kids will love it
18. Kitchen organizer of the remaining wood pallets can serve as the perfect organizer for your kitchen hook or knob plug at the bottom ensuring you have room for your kitchen towel and aprons
19. Divider Room Divider Another good way to make more space in a small studio apartment
20. Storage bed a residual storage bed can provide small houses extra storage space keeping everything plugged with the help of wooden screws

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21. Hoop hamper inhibiting hoop can save space where you need it put clothes between two pieces of your embroidery circumference and tighten it tightly using a sofa table yarn
22. Sofa table is a nice place saving furniture for an apartment that has limited space first of all measuring the back of the couch to make sure it fits your sofa table size do not forget to measure the height and length of the couch to ensure you have the right size
23. Clothes Rack Create free fuss and easily make clothes rack that fits with minimalist design concept
24. Ottoman Storage Ottoman Storage is also a great way of smoothing out the small spaces in your home in a very creative way that you can customize Ottoman to make sure it fits the look of your house or small apartment you prepare your staple gun and staples for a do-it-yourself project
25. This corner shelves maximize the corners of your home by providing shelves for additional storage corner shelves should not be made of wood that you can use simple magazine holders
26. Storage Desk Storage table can give you a number of storage options without having to sacrifice floor space that you can complete a do-it-yourself project by layering it with Tung oil to make it last longer
27. Suspended shelf suspended shelves can also be a good storage saver if you are going to make it yourself, make sure you use a ruler when you are measuring the holes you need to drill into the board so what do you do think of this episode, please share your opinion about this article in the comments section for other organizing ideas keep following our blog thank

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